Wholesale Flowers Sicily Flower Market of Vittoria: C.o.v. Sale of flowers at auction

You can find all of our products at our shop in the Vittoria Flower Market. The Vittoria Flower Market is one of the largest wholesale flowers and plants in Sicily, including 10,000 hectares of greenhouse cultivation and 700 producers from the flora of all Sicily and beyond.


Mercato dei fiori di Vittoria

Sales Point Foundation

It was born in 1979 on the initiative of the cooperative C.O.V. which today is Votadoro Gaetano's president, thus creating a real communal market.

The new sales system, supported by wireless remote controllers, is based on sophisticated software that manages auction auctions, ensuring the highest transparency for dealers, florists and producers. Sale of flowers at auction is made on Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week at 7:00.

The Flowers are displayed on Danish trolleys and placed in the square so that they are well-viewed by the buyers. Inside the market, among the various floricultural companies is distinguishedFloraNixena which has always been committed to meeting the needs and demands of every type of customer. We invite you to visit our store to discover the magic and the beauty that only the flowers can give.